Monday, May 9, 2011

Shabby Chic Centerpieces

Mom’s 70th Birthday Party Décor

My Mom has always been a fan of all things with ribbons, lace,

flowers and pearls! She also likes to read and drinks a lot of tea and

coffee So for her 70th Birthday party my self and

my two sisters came up with these retro-shabby chic pieces that brought

just the right amount of elegance and femininity to her special day.


centerpieces, flower arrangements, shabby chic centerpieces

We spent a couple of weekends shopping at second hand stores for the

floral tea cups and saucers. I also bought every strand of pearls we could

find for a reasonable cost.

Shabby Chic, centerpieces, floral centerpieces,  

… I am nothing if not resourceful. I was able to borrow several well

aged books from my in-laws collection that went beautifully with our

theme and color scheme. In this pic you can see that I embellished a

standard tea bag with a simple satin ribbon and rosette.


centerpieces, ribbons lace bows, victorian floral, victorian centerpieces


We used decorative place card holders to mark it as the 70th year.

We embellished each of these cards with diamond accents to give

it some festive sparkle. Teaspoons and old lacy or floral hanker-

chiefs completed the look!


                Take a look at our gift table to match!

IMG_1032  IMG_1033 

                              Open Box for cards, Floral pens for sign in book, and a

                               Victorian shoe for the money tree!


My Aunt makes professional cakes so I sent her a picture of my

prototype of the centerpieces and added that my mom is also known

for her quilting. These are the amazing cakes she came up with. they

were displayed in the center of the room as the focal point and all I can

say is…. WOW! and Thank you to Cakes by Unique Design!


                          quilted cakes, 70th birthday, fondont cakes, cakes,




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