Friday, March 16, 2012

Dollar Store gift basket

Chili- Cook Off Prize

My husband was assigned to spend no more than

ten dollars for a prize for the Hottest Chili at

our church chili cook-off. Well…

he asked for help and I jumped on it!

chili-cook off prize, gift basket, themed gift basket

Nearly all  contents from the dollar store.


*buffalo wing flavored chips

* Red chili pepper flakes

*Jar of sliced Jalpenos

*Tapatio taco sauce

* Dried, whole red peppers

*Strike anywhere matches

*Red slotted spoon

*red and white dish cloth

all composed in a red bucket and

nestled in red and yellow tissue-flames!

To top it off, I made a paper crafted wheel

labeled of course : HOT!

All for $10.00

Never underestimate the power

of the dollar store!

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