Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cano Sedona Wedding Centerpieces



This was by far the most beautiful wedding

I have ever been to. And I had the

privilege of putting together their



The Venue: Tlaquepaque, Sedona AZ

Colors: Black & White w/ Red accents

The time of year: September



The Japanese Mitsumata Branches arrive straight.

They are very light weight and come bleached white.

They are extremely pliable after a good soak in water.

The image above shows the branches after they were

shaped. My front room looked like a circus for a month!

delicate cargo

Getting them to the venue was a challenge I did not

first anticipate! But thanks to my ingenious husband,

who built this temporary frame the branches arrived

intact and undamaged.  


set up2.

The set up process was all a matter of timing. And it was tight. We had to

put all of them together and placed on the tables.

I placed submersible lights in the glass vase with the glass beads to

let the red accents shine. The tea lights were battery operated and

had the flicker feature to make it twinkle.

The tea lights were in fluted votive holders and hung with fine

wire so that it gives an illusion of floating candle in the dark.

evening view


What a beautiful and perfect night for

a perfect couple. May they celebrate each

and every year!


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