Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fire Flower Embellishments!

From Plain Dress to Fashion Success!


So a few months back I was in search of two things. A project and a way

to update my wardrobe. I found both on my friend Jamielyn’s blog:

 I Heart Naptime

I stumbled upon a fantastic tutorial on her site for what she calls

Fire Flowers! These beauties are simple to make and so very versatile!

I have also been admiring the fashions at the store Down East Basics

but sadly they do not carry my size. So Jamielyn’s blog gave me a

way to satisfy both needs at once! (lil’ Fun and Fashion.)

Take a look at what I was able to do with two basic and very

inexpensive dresses and some scrap material!

Before :


I picked up the dresses for $15.00 each.

They were quite boring as they were!


dress embellishments, fabric flowers, fire flowers

dress embelleshments, fire flowers, fabric flowers,

I then added the flowers and a few accessories!

I shopped Ross and TJ Max for the cardigans

For about 10.00 each!

I got two Down East Basic Nock-offs for as little as $75.00

(including accessories!)




When looking for a specific piece for an outfit don’t close

your mind to alteration possibilities. I found this very ugly top

and nearly passed it up… for good reason…



Yuck! Right?

Then I realized that all I had to do is cut or seam rip

the ugly insert out of the sweater and I would have the cardigan I was seeking!

Had I passed it up, I would have spent $20.00 more for a

very similar cardigan unnecessarily!



So, How did I do? Make a comment or two!

(CP ladies please comment below not on FB Thanks!)

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  1. Yay i'm so excited to do this at school! -amber