Friday, May 13, 2011

Domestic Diva Aprons

So, back at Christmas time I was itching to work on a project. I was also very into the show Mad Men

and had been admiring all the cute clothes women wore in the 50’s. I noticed that the

Domestic Diva”

kits were on a huge sale at my local fabric store and I thought to my self, “that sounds fun, easy

and would make a great gift for the girls in my life!” Of course the kits were sold out, but I was

determined now to make my aprons. I turned to the pattern section and found a couple of cute

retro-patterns that I knew would give me the look I was going for and would be

versatile enough for me to get 6 unique aprons.

Here are the patterns I used:  Simplicity 2592, and 3752


(BTW… I never pay full price for a pattern, they go on sale often enough that if you are patient,

you can save your self over 75%, I also try to get patterns with more than one option on them so that

I can get more use out of it. For these I paid .99 each) 

I tried to match my fabric and pattern to each of the girl’s personalities and color pallets while

still keeping to the theme of Diva.”

Domestic Diva, apronapron, domestic diva,

domestic diva, apron

You will notice that each apron is also related to each other through the color brown.

This way when we get together next year for Holiday baking we will all match!

So tell me what you think…. How did I do?

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