Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Waffles made easy

Happy National Waffle Day!

Who knew?

waffles, freezer waffles

I am a long time lover of the canyon like nooks and crannies

of this great and traditional breakfast treat but I had no idea

it had it’s own holiday! YEA! What an awesome excuse to have

my favorite!

Okay, so… I have had our waffle iron for longer than I can

remember and sadly is has been a neglected appliance!

Now, I have a couple of slightly embarrassing secrets to admit.…

First, I have been prone to buying premade/toaster ready waffles.

Yep, there, it’s out there, I said it, I am ashamed, but I said it.

I won’t be telling you exactly how many boxes a week I

would buy, but it is staggering when I think about

the amount of money I threw away…. for wafer-thin

less than tasty store bought waffles.

But Folks I am here to change my ways!

Well, some of my ways! My second secret is when I do

make them at home, I use Krusteaz pancake/waffle mix.


I know, I know! There are tons of great recipes out there

but honestly… I like the –eaz of Krusteaz, of dumping

unmeasured amounts of mix with an eyeballed amount of water

to create perfect pancakes and waffles EVERY time!

stack of waffles

(Just so you know I am not getting anything from Krusteaz

for this post I just happen to be a fan!)

This picture tells no lies! It speaks for itself: Perfection!

Not only are waffles wonderful to eat and easy to make

they freeze quite well and take no extra effort to do so.

(I say this as I hang my head in shame thinking of all

the times I put boxes upon boxes of waffles in my cart.)

See, when I do make the “extra effort” to make pancakes

or waffles I make enough for an army and then forget

to invite them, so I can stock my freezer!



My waffle maker makes 4 giant waffles at a time and they

stack neatly in gallon sized freezer bags. I placed a sheet

of wax paper in between each layer to keep them from



Since these waffles are more dense and bigger

than the store-bought counterparts, you can eat one for

every two or three of the boxed variety.  This

is a FAR cheaper option especially since the boxed

versions have recently went up in cost by 25-50%!


Dress them up,

celebrate them however you choose!

Have them for breakfast, brunch, linner or dinner,

but make them at home and freeze them for

later! Your family will love you, your budget will

be greater!


Happy Waffle Day!


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