About Me

Trulie is in fact my given name, in case you were wondering, and the unique, well... that comes from a belief that I have about my life. Just as my name is unique, I have felt for as long as I can remember that I am a little different. I feel that I simply do not fit-in anywhere I go, I can't seem to find a niche, or click. I do not mean that I am a loser, nerd or any other negative terms used to describe an outcast. What I mean, is that I always feel that I am always just one step ahead or sideways or behind from where everyone else around me seems to be. My mother described me as mature for my age when I was very young. I had no problem hanging out with adults when I was a teen (in fact often I preferred it) and I never stuck to one trend or style. I flit back and forth in music genres and my talents are spread among many different things, but I am not an expert at any one thing. I love to be creative in a multitude of ways and it really doesn't matter the method/media, it all brings me peace and escape. I once took a personality test of which I thought would help me understand myself and define me clearer as a particular "type", the results were less than satisfying... it showed that I was well balanced mix of everything! My Translation: I do not fit anywhere but should fit everywhere!

I am a planner and a goal setter. I seem to live more in the future than I do in the present which is something I need to work on. Although this trait helps me stay motivated and ambitious it also leads me to worry about things I do not have control over. Just to give an example of how extreme I can be, and always have been, I planned and designed my prom dress when I was in the 5th grade! I drew a detailed sketch including a diagram listing the type of material, color, and embellishments. I proceeded to place this plan in a sealed envelope and marked it "prom dress, do not open until High School!" Which leads me to the romantic idea in my head that life is supposed to follow some preexisting blue print. When my life does not follow what I think the blueprint should be it disturbs me greatly. Thus the name "unique"My life, I feel, is unique or has unique qualities because in my mind it does not follow what I feel to be the norm. Whether you agree or disagree with my theory, I have a back up reason. The word "unique" has also been used in my grandmothers dog coat business years ago. So therefore it can be justified as simply tradition! And let's face it... it's just too clever and cute not to use it!

On a side note, I am currently a 4th grade teacher, wife to an amazing husband of 15 years, and a mother to the most precious 2 and a half year old boy. They are my life in a nut shell, everything I do usually has some benefit for them in mind.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading and viewing my site. Most of all, I hope it is found useful or inspirational.

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