Monday, August 22, 2011

Popcorn Rocks Rock!

Playing with Rocks

My nephew found a really cool but simple

souvenir at the Northern Arizona Museum.

He was first attracted to the name “popcorn rock.”

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I have to admit I too was very curious!

I was also attracted to the interactive/learning

 experience compared to your typical selection of

stuffed animals, magnets, and generic toys stamped

with a logo. We both went to the register eager to take

our prize home. (My thoughtful and frugal nephew

picked a package with two rocks! He got to take one

back to Phoenix and I kept one here with the promise

of pictures to compare our results.)


The instructions are simple. You place rock in a

solid container, poor enough plain vinegar to cover rock

and then wait. The crystals take about two weeks

to begin to form but once they do the results

are impressive!

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pop corn rocks


This was a fun learning experience for as little as $3.00!

I would have loved to bring this into my 4th grade classroom

for science, observation, writing, hypothesis and so much

more. You can research this rock easily on the internet

and you can find several websites to purchase it.

Thought I would share another cool find!

Learning can happen anywhere not just at



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