Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Vinyl Project

A Final –Vinyl Thank You!

My son was celebrating his last Day of Preschool

and I wanted to give his teacher something special.

She has been amazing and has taught him so much in

just five months! Anyway, I have been cleaning my

classroom for the big final move and ran across this

very nice glass jar and my crafty wheels started turning.

I have been dying to try something with vinyl for awhile

but I needed to start with something small first.

This was the perfect opportunity to try it.

cookier jar, vinyl project, vinyl craft, vinyl, teacher gift


I purchased black since vinyl was, to my surprise,

very expensive, and it would be the most versatile.

I used my sisters Cricket Machine to

cut the lettering and the design for the top.

Now, don’t laugh but yes those

are store bought Oreo cookies; a new flavor for

the summer called Berry-“something”…

Sorry I forgot to write it down.

I picked them for the color and for the convenience

as I only had one night to get this project done!

Anyway, here is an aerial view (haha) of the top

design I placed on the lid. I loved the end result!

I see vinyl in my future!

teacher gift, vinyl, vinyl project, cookie jar

I hot glued the ribbon and flower embellishment.

Now, I want one! (said with a slight whine)

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  1. Wow - the post is so cool. Pretty awesome for a "quick" project.