Thursday, May 26, 2011

Canning Carrots

Carrots are not Diamonds!

So why, might I ask, are they sooooo

stinking expensive to buy in the can?

My son absolutely loves cooked carrots, and

I love the convenience. But, they are expensive

and they rarely go on sale. They are almost always

excluded from the grocery store canned veggie sales.

So when I got a bag of carrots in my Bountiful Basket

the thought hit me; I wonder how much it would be to

can my own carrots and would it be worth it?  

You need a pressure cooker to can carrots. For this project I

used my Mother in laws……. Spoil Alert!!! ( I am now

shopping for my own pressure cooker)

carrots, canning, canning carrots, pressure cooking


After peeling, slicing and rinsing carrots we placed them

in freshly cleaned jars. Next, we added hot water to

carrots and 1/4 tsp. of salt to each jar. After

placing the new lids and tightening the rings, we

placed the jars in the pressure cooker.

*please follow pressure cooker instruction if trying this at home

carrots, canning carrots, pressure cooking

They only took about 25 minutes to cook!

Okay drum roll please……

The best part, we figured at best you can get

already canned carrots for 50 cents a can.

our cost for our cans, if you buy your carrots at

Costco or Sam’s …. 20 Cents a jar which equals huge

savings! I will be canning carrots from now on!

ONE TIP! Carrots do stain your hands and it takes

a few days to wash completely off. So if you plan on

canning more than 4 jars worth, wear gloves while chopping

.. unless of course you do not mind the jaundice palm look!

-Thanks Jane for your help on this one!

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  1. Fun, fun! Very little time involved in prepping and canning, especially when a couple of people are involved.