Friday, July 27, 2012

Remembrance Packet

remembrance package

Our society and lifestyles have lead us to often times live even

hundreds of miles away from our families. Gratefully there are many ways

for us to keep the family updated and connected such a social media and

other types of amazing technology such as Skype. However, these tools

are not a complete replacement for missed family events or face to face contacts.


This past January my family suffered the great loss of my second born Son. Due

to the unexpected nature of this event and for other reasons, neither one of my

parents were able to attend his funeral.


Being a mother of a baby not known intimately by his extended family nor by

the world is an experience unlike any other. However, some things are the

same as giving birth to a surviving child.  Just like with my first born, I wanted

desperately to share my son with the world. Share how very special he is. I

wanted my parents, and the rest of my family to know him as I do, LOVE him

as I do. So, I set to work on a “remembrance package”.


1) I took a 12x12 piece of card stock and folded it into an open end envelope

with the top overlapping the bottom by about an inch.

2) Out of contrasting card stock I punched two circular discs

for the enclosure piece.

3) I then lined up the circle to the bottom, middle portion of the

top flap of the envelope and hole punched though both pieces creating

a single hole. (as seen below)  

remembrance package, memorial envelope


4) I then paced an eyelet in the created hole. (found in

the scrapbooking/paper crafting supplies)


 making an envelope

5) I Repeated the process for the bottom portion of the envelope,

taking care to leave at least a 1/4 in. gap between the top and

bottom circles .

6) I then tied/anchored one end of a  long ribbon say about

8-10 in. to the top circle. ( The ribbon and knot behind the

circle and around the eyelet NOT through the eyelet)

This allowed me to close my envelope by winding the

ribbon in a figure eight pattern between the two discs,

closing the envelope in a very “Old English” kind of way.




7) I printed simple/respectful sticker labels for the front

of each envelope.

“In Remembrance of Brennan James McCarroll”


8) I enclosed the following:

*one copy of each of the talks given at the funeral

*one copy of the program used at the funeral

*one small, inexpensive photo book which included

photos of the flowers, his hands and his feet (taken by

professionals in the hospital) the location of the cemetery,

and copies of several quotes and poems that I found



This was not only helpful for them to help make up for not

being able to attend the funeral, but it was also therapeutic

for me as well. 


This idea does not have to be associated with such a sad occasion.

There are graduations, weddings, births and reunions missed by

family members all the time! This is a simple and inexpensive way

to include those who are unable to travel or miss out for any reason,

a family event.

What ideas do you have that you could place in such a memento?


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