Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hawaiian Vacation… a Feast away!

An Attempt to Escape for the Evening

to a Happier Time...

view from hotel Hi

My family has recently experienced a tragedy and we are

finding it hard to find reasons to smile each day.

While browsing Pinterest, I found an easy recipe for Kalua Pork,

or Hawaiian pork BBQ. I felt inspired to bring a bit of our

Hawaiian vacations of the past, to our winter home, in order to 

help warm up our thoughts and bring some excitement

to our 3 year old son.


Horn blower Hi 

Kalua pork.

I did not use the recommended pork shoulder for the Kalua pork.

 I tend to buy as lean of meat as possible for health, and

all I had around in the freezer was pork loin roast.

I was only feeding 3, so a small roast worked for us.

However, it came out very dry due to the lack of marbling in the

meat. Next time, I will splurge and buy the pork shoulder since it is

not a meal we would make often!

Kalua Pork,

To make the pork: rub 1 tbs. sea salt (I used coarse kosher instead)

on a 3lb. pork shoulder.  Then add 1 tbs. of Liquid mesquite smoke

and rub that evenly over the meat.(I also added about 1/2 cup

water to the bottom since my meat had very little fat)

place in crockpot  for 16 hours.

(mine took about 10hrs due to the size)

“Fried Salad”

To go with the pork I made a cabbage side dish that

our family likes to call “Fried Salad.”

It is simple and goes very well with pork!


Start with a head of cabbage and shred it finely.

shredded cabbage, cabbage salad, fried salad


I also add thinly sliced carrots.

(sometimes I add onions and mushrooms too, but not in this case)

In a fry pan heat up a 1-2 tablespoon of oil (olive or canola).

Add your cabbage and carrots.


fried salad, cooked cabbage, cabbage salad,

Then sprinkle approximately 3/4 tbs. coarse salt

and 3/4 - 1 tbs. Sugar. (Yes sugar, it is a necessary step. I have

tried it w/out the sugar and it does not work well. The sugar

and salt brings out the moisture and the sugar cuts the

bitterness of the cabbage.)  

cabbage, fried salad


I also grind fresh pepper on top, mostly for looks.

Mix/stir gently and then cover with a lid.

The steam will soften the cabbage, continue to stir/turn over

occasionally as it cooks.



You know it is done when you see that the cabbage is starting to

caramelize on the edges and the cabbage is slightly translucent.


Fruity Drink

fruit drink


What is a Hawaiian meal with out a fruity drink?

I simply took a package of Crystal Light Strawberry,

Orange, Banana mixed according to directions and then

added a little fizz with a can of Ginger Ale!



Delightful Island Dessert!

One thing that is bound to come up when we reminisce about

our Hawaiian vacations is the amazing fruit we

experienced day in and day out. Unfortunately for this

particular dinner fresh summer fruits were not

an option at this time of year so. I did the next best


tropical fruit salad

1 small can tropical fruit w/ juices

1 small can mandarin oranges w/ juices

*(I try to buy fruit in their own juices as opposed to syrup

as they contain much less sugar)

1 small box  vanilla pudding (I used sugar free)

1 container Cool-whip


In a large bowl dump both cans of fruit with their

juices and mix in dry pudding mix until well blended.

Let it set for 3-5 minutes until slightly thicker,

Finally, fold Cool-whip in until well mixed.

Place in fridge for 30 minutes or until

ready to serve.

tropical fruit salad

*I would have liked to have added toasted cocoanut

flakes to the top for an even more authentic flavor!

or serve it with cocoanut macaroons!


Setting the Mood…

Maui, Hi.


On one of our visit's we saw a theatrical play about the

history of the Hawaiian people, where I purchased

one of these CD’s. However, I found the other CD at the

Dollar store of all places. I used it in my classroom and many

others I bought at the Dollar Store to inspire great writing

out of my students.

 setting the mood for a home dinner


Mood setting, such as setting a themed table-scape

and music are a great way to make an evening special and

memorable. It really is worth the time and effort. I gathered

the few collectables I had around the house that is not

still in storage to set the table. Two sarongs, two hand-made

banana-leaf baskets and a wooden carved fish. As you

can see, this did the trick!


As much as we would like to escape to the islands 

it is not possible right now, but it was sure

nice to have dinner there, even if only in our



Tips to consider:

*This would be a great party idea that would be easy to do for a

large crowd, like a pool party/luau.

* This is also a great idea for a romantic valentines meal

* If your honeymoon was in Hawaii, this would be a good

anniversary meal too!

*You could have this as a FHE dinner and then discuss

missionary work ( a lot has been done in the islands,)

BYU Hawaii and the visitors center, or temples around the world.


Either way, whether you have been or dream of going, it is never

a bad day to have a Hawaiian dinner! Aloha!

Hawaiian sunset, Maui


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  1. Not sure if I put Hawaii on our list of date nights for this year. Will have to do it for next year though, cuz we have a bag of props somewhere from when we held a Hawaiian Luau to celebrate renewing our wedding vows.

    1. OOOH I saw your post on the year of Date nights! Such a great idea! Thanks for the comment Aisling!

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  3. What a Great Idea! We went to Hawaii on our Honeymoon! I am going to use this for our anniversary! And Thanks for linking up to Six Sister's Link party. We hope to see you back there next Saturday!
    -The Sister's