Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Momma’s mini-meatloaves with a unique twist!


This was a huge favorite of our

entire family growing up! 

My mom liked making them because they were

faster than traditional meatloaves. I like them because

I can mix them ahead of time, freeze them and then

have individual servings already made up!

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There is not an exact recipe to follow so I

will list the ingredients and try to describe

the texture and look you are going for.

Hamburger meat

minced onions (I prefer fresh)

squirt of Ketchup

squirt of mustard

handful or more of crushed saltine crackers

(or butter crackers are good too)

pepper to taste

garlic powder

onion powder

1-2 eggs (for binding)

(I do not add salt before cooking)

1 can crushed tomatoes (for tops)

Optional add in’s (not traditional for my mom):

grated carrots, bell peppers, real bacon bits,

breakfast sausage,

large hunks of cheddar cheese (for the inside)

mini meatloaves


Mix ingredients in a bowl, I do not like using my hands

for this part but if you do more power to you! The mixture

should be semi firm and yet very moist and holds its shape.

For my twist add cheddar inserts;

press indentation in bottom long ways.



Then place cheddar hunk in center and wrap sides back

around to completely cover cheese.


If preparing for a later day, place on wax paper lined

cookie sheet for a flash freeze. Then place entire tray

in freezer until frozen.


Then place in freezer type bag for future use!

When you are ready to bake:

Pour 1 can of stewed tomatoes over the tops.

( this is a crucial step even if you do not like cooked

tomatoes. We usually picked the tomatoes off when

eating, but we have found that making them

with out results in much less flavor and moisture)



Place in a 350 degree oven for about on hour

or until center is cooked through.


On Day two, (my Dad’s favorite):  the cold meatloaf

sandwich! Which I love too! I like to place mayo on toasted wheat

bread and add a slice of American cheese. YUM!



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