Thursday, June 16, 2011

Car Wall Plaque

      From Trash Table top… to Toddler Terrific!

I have had this simple MDF table top disc for several years now.

I did in fact use it as a table top back when those inexpensive

three legged tables were popular.


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It has been hard living in rental homes the last year and a half.

I had the perfect nursery to bring Aiden home to, decorated

exactly how I wanted it. The only room I have ever finished.

However, I still have the desire to make my sons room special

no matter where we live. This is tricky since we are limited by

rental rules, and of course, as always, a small budget.


I took stole my design from a flannel throw that I

bought and put together for Aiden last year at Christmas.


 car bedroom, car decor, childrens room,  


I chose similar colors and painted each layer one on top of the

other giving them a couple of hours in between to dry.

To make the car I chose a car style off the blanket and

hand drew the shape on a piece of printer paper to

create a template/ stencil.


 cars decor, boys room, car plaque

Finally I purchased wood letters and painted them to

create the message!


I then attached a picture hanger to the back of the disk

ready to be hung up.

( MDF is heavy material so make sure you use an anchor 

and screw when hanging to insure that it is safe for a child’s room.)

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  1. love this Trulie! such a simple little project to make your childs room extra special;)

  2. Love it! So "Aiden" with his love for cars.

  3. That is so cute! Carson loves cars too! Great Job!

  4. @Maria, Thanks for the compliment! @ Jamie, I am so glad you like it. I wish we were closer I know that Carson and Aiden would get along. They seem to have the same interests for sure! @ Everyone, Thanks for your comments I am working hard at getting my blog out their more! Stay tuned for 4th of July Stuff!