Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pre-Island Prep.

Okay, So what do you get when you

cross free kitchen cabinets…





two VERY ugly chairs from

a second hand store?…





A Great Idea and

A Girl in way over her head!


My newly rented home was built in the 50’s and well,

lets just say it’s kitchen left a lot

to be desired including storage and counter

space! So… I decided to make my own island! “Crazy”

The Challenge:  I had to make it economical since

we are renting and we have no idea how long we will

be in one place. (story of my life)

SCORE! :A friend of mine from work gave me

the cabinets for FREE! Thanks Valerie!

Because they were uppers I quickly found out that the

height would be a problem (too short) so I shopped for

legs “outrageously priced!’

 I switched to thrift stores and wha-la..

$10.00  and some demo work = four legs for

the price of one!

thrifty legsIMG_1086


leg closeupleg closeup

For design purposes we cut this section of leg

and inverted it. I Recruited my Carpenter,

Father-in-Law to cut the legs down and to help me

make structural and measurement decisions.

Well lets face it, when I said I was in over my head…

(which I do a lot) I wasn’t kidding!

Without his help I would not have been able to do this

project and the outcome be functional.

Much thanks to Jim!

Anyway the next step was sanding and searching

for a budget wise countertop.

Sorry I did not get many in-between photos of the process. 

To Be Continued!…

Tune in Sunday for the AFTER PHOTOS!…


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  1. Can't wait to see the after photos! That looks like an awesome project, and such a great idea!!