Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jalapeno Poppers

4th of July Poppers!


I absolutely LOVE these appetizers! They are easy to make and

they impress guests. They will compliment any grilled meal.


You will need : 

1 pkg. cream cheese

about 10 whole jalapenos

1lb thinly sliced bacon

*Tbsp. brown sugar (totally optional)


First, I cut the tops of the Jalapenos off and de-seed and de-vein

them. This step is up to your preference. The more vein and or

seeds you leave the more spicy/hot your popper will end up.

I take all vein and seeds out for mixed crowds to keep them

very mild. You will enjoy the flavor and no heat.


jalapeno poppers IMG_1179 

*if you have cuts or scrapes on your hands you can

wear gloves for this part!


Second, I smear cream cheese into each half of pepper.


 jalapeno poppers

Now, for the wrapping!

To keep the cream cheese in place I begin wrapping the

bacon by first covering the open end or cut top of the

pepper. Like this… 

bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers

I then wrap bring the bacon up over the first flap to ensure

that everything stays in place and it eliminates the need

for toothpicks. Continue to wrap the bacon until you reach

the end of the pepper.

bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers

Now, place on a

a cookie sheet or glass pan to bake.

jalapeno poppers

Place in a 350 degree oven for about 25 minutes.

(This step is important in my opinion, it starts the bacon

cooking without overcooking the cream cheese and ensures

that the pepper is tender. It also helps to keep the bacon in place

when grilling. Kind of like shrink wrap! )

You will know they are ready to come out when the pepper is

semi-soft when poked with a fork.

bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers

Clearly, the bacon is NOT done.. But neither are we

Heat up the grill Baby!

grilled jalapenos

These were cooked on an unusually windy day. The fire

does Not need to be that high.

grilled jalapeno poppers

Now that’s more like it!  They do cook quickly, so you need

to turn them regularly. They are done when the bacon is

crisp to your liking!

Serve shortly after they leave the grill. They are

the best when fresh off the grill. Well, give them a minute

or two they are filled with cheese! They do reheat the next

day but they are not nearly as satisfying. Even if

Jalapenos scare you,,, you have to try these. 

Add a bit more POP to your 4th of July with these poppers!


(note: when the pics were taken I bought bacon on sale

and well lets just say I will not do that again. When I

suggested THIN bacon I mean it. The thick bacon

was hard to crisp and much harder to wrap)

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  1. mmmmm, those look delish! My mouth is watering. I think i might have to try them!